Who doesn’t wanna be Fucking Fabulous?


This one is for both guys and girls. Perfumes are personal. Not everyone like everything and sometimes you can even really hate the scent that someone walking by you are wearing. «Hate» is a strong word, but what’s fun about being in the world of millennials if you cant be little dramatic once in a while.


I wanted to share my favorite perfume right now. Nothing less than Tom Ford’s most talked about perfume at the moment, Fucking Fabulous. Now, this can go both ways. You might really love it – or hate it. I got mine months ago but I haven’t been wearing it full force until now.


The top notes are bitter almond oil, tonka beans, orris root, leather and sage oil.


I do think it is the same thing with perfumes as it is with a new shirt or a new haircut, or a fresh shave. It provides you with confidence. It gives you the power to own a room. The power to stand out. That is if you love your perfume, fragrance or cologne of course. But – at the end of the day. Who doesn’t wanna be Fucking Fabulous?

Stay camera ready throughout the day


So guys! How shiny are you? The good, the bad the ugly truth is that it’s getting more and more «important» to stay camera ready – Instagram ready. Everyone has a camera and its constantly in your face. Us guys, we pretend to not care, I’ll emphasize on pretend.


The cosmetics industry often refers to having a «matte and natural look.» Well, being completely matte is not really that natural. We do have oils that both protect and keep our skin looking fresh and glowing. Some more than others. We’re going to tap in on that right now.


Some of us are more oily or sweaty, like me actually, and there are a few things you can do to feel fresher throughout the day. I’m here to help!


This is where you would commonly get the tip to use a mattifying moisturizer. I’m going to a different approach to this matter. If you constantly do things to your skin to keep it super matte it will mostly freak out and produce even more oils. Only a small part of your routine should be mattifying, not your entire morning process.



1. My tip is to start your morning using a really good facial cleanser, not too harsh though, you don’t want to irritate it! Your skin will love you for it and it gets you off to a really good start of the day.


2. Exfoliate. Remove dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin. Do this twice a week! You will feel really fresh after!


3. After cleaning your face you could then use a mattifying toner or lotion. This will help a lot! So, mattifying lotions or oil control pads will help you out. Be careful to not overdo this step.


4. This is where the moisturizer comes in. What you want to do is use a good moisturizer that really hydrates your skin.


5. If you need more power you can go in with one of my favorite products! The Mac Prep + Prime Skin refined zone treatment. Apply this cream on your t-zone or other shiny areas after. This one will keep you matte, but remember, only use it in the right areas. You would want to keep your skin looking healthy and keep its natural glow!


I hope this was helpful for you guys. Please leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram if you have tips of your own or if there is something you would like me to feature on my blog.

Friends. Sun. Rosé. What more can you ask for?


I spent a lot of time with friends and family this summer, that’s precisely how summer is supposed to be. (Sounded really grown up there, huh?)


My grandparents have this amazing place by a lake only a couple of minutes from my house. I’ve spent so much time there ever since I was a baby. It’s fair to say that it is one of my absolute favorite places in the entire world, and I have traveled a bit. There’s no place like home (or your family’s summer cabin.)


We had company from some of our good friends, Thea and Christian this time. Let me put it this way; there was lots of sun and lots of rosé.


Lookbook: Office casual

Suit and tie have never really been my thing. (Did Justin Timberlake pop into your head now? Suit and tie, suit and tie.) On the other hand, comfortable pants, simple t-shirts, and great sneakers are!


I recently got some new items that I love! Great for casual drinks with colleagues or friends or a day at work. Running around a lot, like I do, combined with office or a day with my team, a comfortable outfit is golden. It this point I’ve lost count over how many black (for the most part I only wear black) t-shirts I have in my walk-in or black pants for that matter. That’s why its great to mix thing up a bit once in a while. Today was that a good example.


T-shirt: I bought this white t-shirt at Volt Magasin in Oslo from These Glory Days, and it has a boxed fit. I usually roll my arms up a tiny bit to get a more defined look. For us guys it also gives us better arms, rolling up the t-shirt.


Shoes: GUCCI Ace embroidered sneakers.


I got my sneakers at Gucci in Oslo. I love these! They’re called Ace embroidered and are the sneakers with the snake. I have seen many guys with the embroidered golden bee, so that’s why I went for the snake instead. One little remark, these basic Gucci sneakers have always been my most comfortable sneakers, and I have had a lot of them over the years, but somehow I think they got a bit less soft as the years went by. Still great though, but if you have some “old” ones, note that they might have changed a bit and that the inside sole might have gotten a little harder.


Pants: We are Cph Janzik tape pants


When you’re hungry (or hangry even) in Stockholm


Stockholm is an amazing place for food, drinks, and great company! By now there’s no secret that Stockholm is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s only an hour from Norway (by airplane) but still so different in many ways. This city is just really easy to visit!


Here are some of my favorite places to eat.


Hotel Diplomat
Strandvägen 7C, 114 56 Stockholm

This is, first of all, a hotel, but second, it’s a great restaurant. There is a small outside area along the sidewalk where you can eat to get some sun at the same time. I can only recommend the outside if you don’t mind that it gets really hot, in the summertime though. Don’t forget sunscreen. Inside there’s a beautiful atmosphere and the food is equally as great.


Please look up the Skansen sandwich on the menu, I know a lot of people love that! My favorite is the shrimp salad with eggs and avocado, that’s the best!



Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 103 24 Stockholm

Lydmar has been my go-to hotel in Stockholm for many, many years and still is. They have the best cheeseburger which is not this, you know, flat looking burger, but a real burger. You should also try the tuna tartar. Some days I used to have it multiple times a day. I know. But it’s that good!


Photo: Lydmar Hotel. All other photos in this post is by


At Six
Brunkebergstorg 6, 111 51 Stockholm

The restaurant at the At Six Hotel knows their food and the chefs are some of the best. We all have different experiences but mine was top notch. The waiters explained everything in details and really knew what they were serving. That’s not always the case, unfortunately. It’s hard to describe the food but I would definitely give it a try. I can say this; the food has flavor and a lot of it!


Lookbook: When the clouds come


As I said in my previous post; this summer is so good! But when the clouds cover the sun you should have something not to warm, but still cool and casual, to wear. If you go with a casual jeans jacket with arms folded up, it’s so easy to remove when the sun peaks through the clouds. Anyway, it isn’t really 30 °C all over the world so why not do the jeans jacket, it might come in handy.



Jeans jacket: Tiger of Sweden

T-shirt: Basic black Balmain t-shirt



One tip is also to fold up your jeans to give your ankles some air. I didn’t do it today because it was actually quite windy. Folding up your jeans in the summer time also gives your outfit that extra casual edge.


Jeans: Black jeans from Samsøe & Samsøe. They are a bit stretchy and so comfortable!

Shoes: Y-3 Kusari Suede-Trimmed Primeknit Sneakers

Best summer in years


Want me to tell you a fun fact? Well, it’s not really that fun, but at least it’s a fact. Norwegian summers are really unreliable, it could give you wind, wind, wind and gray weather, but you can also be really lucky! This summer is the best Norwegian summer in years. Let me put it this way; 30 °C some places. Now it’s definitely the time to stay home, for us Norwegians at least.


I want to provide you with my vacation recommendation for Norway. If you’re visiting Norway either as a foreign tourist or as a tourist in your own country, of course the fjords and our capital Oslo are great choices. Still, my belief is that these map points are must see places though, and not necessarily the nicest summer places to visit. Instead let’s do the Norwegian summer cities this year. Don’t forget our beautiful coastline.


That’s summer bliss.


AtSix Drinks

Shirt: COS / Sunglasses: RayBan


As the bartenders at the At Six Cocktail Bar said: We promise, you’re in for a treat. Here, in the At Six Cocktail Bar you’ll find signature cocktails breaking new grounds!


Vodka together with peach and citrus, served with honey and an orange ower nish.


Photo: AtSix


Isanami Tea
Grape spirit infused with lime, then mixed and lengthened as a Japanese lime iced tea.


Photo AtSix


At Six Fashion
Swedish whisky combined with AtSix black tea and infused with orange.


Photo: AtSix


Rum and Pimm’s combined with a touch of lime and served with a pink grapefruit foam.


Photo: AtSix


I guess you could try making these at home, now that you know the key ingredients, but I promise, you should take the trip and enjoy these drink experiences. You’ll have a blast! The signature cocktails also makes a game of pool more fun!