Friends. Sun. Rosé. What more can you ask for?


I spent a lot of time with friends and family this summer, that’s precisely how summer is supposed to be. (Sounded really grown up there, huh?)


My grandparents have this amazing place by a lake only a couple of minutes from my house. I’ve spent so much time there ever since I was a baby. It’s fair to say that it is one of my absolute favorite places in the entire world, and I have traveled a bit. There’s no place like home (or your family’s summer cabin.)


We had company from some of our good friends, Thea and Christian this time. Let me put it this way; there was lots of sun and lots of rosé.


Best summer in years


Want me to tell you a fun fact? Well, it’s not really that fun, but at least it’s a fact. Norwegian summers are really unreliable, it could give you wind, wind, wind and gray weather, but you can also be really lucky! This summer is the best Norwegian summer in years. Let me put it this way; 30 °C some places. Now it’s definitely the time to stay home, for us Norwegians at least.


I want to provide you with my vacation recommendation for Norway. If you’re visiting Norway either as a foreign tourist or as a tourist in your own country, of course the fjords and our capital Oslo are great choices. Still, my belief is that these map points are must see places though, and not necessarily the nicest summer places to visit. Instead let’s do the Norwegian summer cities this year. Don’t forget our beautiful coastline.


That’s summer bliss.


New and blonder me, more fun?

As I’m writing this post, my first post on my new blog, I’m actually back to my natural hair color again. Change happens fast. Status, still blond, just not that blonde.



I guess everyone goes through stages where you feel like you want to reinvent yourself or stages of needing something new. Let me put it this way, super blonde is definitely more fun until you find excuses as to why it’s better to be your original self.


This is not a deep blog post about how my blonde or super blonde hair changed my life. It didn’t. (Is it allowed with a lol emoji? I’ll try to resist using emojis. OCD.) Haha. (Okay, haha didn’t quite do it as well as emojis does.)


My life the past years have been either stuck in an office, or at home stuck in my home office, or at work, stuck with all the mess from my office in a large bag. That’s not a bad thing, and I’m actually super lucky with a lot of things happening every day and at the end of the day, I do what I love. Sometimes, it’s just a lot and you need some variation. So then this blog thing happened again. You see, I used to blog a lot, about everything and nothing. Now I’m sure a LOL is in order. Why did I stop blogging? The large bag with all the mess from my home office got in the way.


I have decided one thing. I can do it all! I love this creative platform that is your own. A place where I can share a bit more than on Instagram. A place where I can be even more creative on my own terms, creating stories, videos and try to inspire others.


This new place of mine is a site where I will share my travels, not so much every day life but more my favorite shopping spots, life hacks, and favorite places.


I promise I’ll keep it up this time! Are you in?