Real men wear PINK. (I think.)


Guys! Have you seen my new baby? In my last post, I mentioned that it is okay to be dramatic once in a while and having said that, I’m dying over my new hoodie!


I saw this pink hoodie online at Mr. Porter and just had to have it, and I wear it all the time!


The hoodie is a pink washed felted cotton jersey with a vintage logo. The real statement is, no doubt, the embroidered dragon appliqué. A little information from Gucci: «The dragon is a powerful image introduced by Gucci’s Creative Director which speaks to the House’s new connection with mystical creatures. The dragon is combined with the now recognizable Gucci vintage logo on the essential hooded sweatshirt.»


I’m wearing size medium. The models on Gucci and Mr. Porter are also wearing size medium and they’re 186 cm tall. This is my statement piece of summer 2018.



More info / GUCCI / Mr. Porter

Lookbook: Office casual

Suit and tie have never really been my thing. (Did Justin Timberlake pop into your head now? Suit and tie, suit and tie.) On the other hand, comfortable pants, simple t-shirts, and great sneakers are!


I recently got some new items that I love! Great for casual drinks with colleagues or friends or a day at work. Running around a lot, like I do, combined with office or a day with my team, a comfortable outfit is golden. It this point I’ve lost count over how many black (for the most part I only wear black) t-shirts I have in my walk-in or black pants for that matter. That’s why its great to mix thing up a bit once in a while. Today was that a good example.


T-shirt: I bought this white t-shirt at Volt Magasin in Oslo from These Glory Days, and it has a boxed fit. I usually roll my arms up a tiny bit to get a more defined look. For us guys it also gives us better arms, rolling up the t-shirt.


Shoes: GUCCI Ace embroidered sneakers.


I got my sneakers at Gucci in Oslo. I love these! They’re called Ace embroidered and are the sneakers with the snake. I have seen many guys with the embroidered golden bee, so that’s why I went for the snake instead. One little remark, these basic Gucci sneakers have always been my most comfortable sneakers, and I have had a lot of them over the years, but somehow I think they got a bit less soft as the years went by. Still great though, but if you have some “old” ones, note that they might have changed a bit and that the inside sole might have gotten a little harder.


Pants: We are Cph Janzik tape pants


Lookbook: When the clouds come


As I said in my previous post; this summer is so good! But when the clouds cover the sun you should have something not to warm, but still cool and casual, to wear. If you go with a casual jeans jacket with arms folded up, it’s so easy to remove when the sun peaks through the clouds. Anyway, it isn’t really 30 °C all over the world so why not do the jeans jacket, it might come in handy.



Jeans jacket: Tiger of Sweden

T-shirt: Basic black Balmain t-shirt



One tip is also to fold up your jeans to give your ankles some air. I didn’t do it today because it was actually quite windy. Folding up your jeans in the summer time also gives your outfit that extra casual edge.


Jeans: Black jeans from Samsøe & Samsøe. They are a bit stretchy and so comfortable!

Shoes: Y-3 Kusari Suede-Trimmed Primeknit Sneakers

Got some new basics

It was about time to get some new basics in my closet. Believe it or not – I’m not really a big shopper. You’ll usually find me at the dad parking spot in the stores. But online shopping, thats a different story! I did some shopping at Nelly Man but also had to return a bunch of stuff. I guess you never know what something is going to look like until you get it delivered home.


The exiting part; I’m waiting for two more packages!




3-STRIPES TEE Adidas Originals


Pants: PIQUE JOGGERS River Island
Jeans jacket: Tiger of Sweden
T-shirt: SHHBRET SS O-NECK TEE NOOS Selected Homme