Loving Cologne

In front of the epic Cologne Cathedral. Caps / Varsity Backpack / Gucci Hoodie / Holzweiler


At least a couple of times a year I visit my cousin Martine, she now lives in Cologne, Germany. Somehow the weather Gods always gives me a tap on the shoulder and says «Christopher, enjoy the great weather in Cologne.» Just kidding! But not really.


Cologne has some great things to offer but it always helps having someone by your side in new cities. Previously I have stayed at Pullman Cologne. This time my choice landed on the Steigenberger Hotel. Pullman was a great hotel, but do yourself a favor and call the hotel in advance, explaining how important aircondition is for you. No wonder we had to change rooms a couple of times. When traveling I am usually extremely easy going, but AC is a must.


Both Steigenberger and Pullman are great hotels. The breakfast is nice, rooms are neat, staff is super nice. For me, what eventually leads to Pullman being the winner is the spa area, it’s not the Four Seasons, but at least it is a spa, and I love relaxation areas. And actually it was quite nice, with a outdoor area as well as indoors. No swimming pool though. Pullman also has a small gym where you can find some equipments such as small weights, treadmills and more. This is golden when you spend multiple days eating, eating, eating and drinking rosé. Congrats Chris for that cliché. Well, what better to do when you travel, shopping maybe?


Wait a minute, before you go shopping, please visit the Cologne Cathedral, and please go inside. It’s quite epic!


Now, lets talk some shopping. Cologne as any other European city has a lot to offer, you just have to look for the right places. Cosmetics, clothes, manicure spas, Cologne has it all. Scroll down and I’ll tell you more.



Amongst many places you have Belgisches Viertel, a small area with shops, boutiques and restaurants. Remember, Pullman has treadmills, dont’t worry.


You also have a larger area called Brüsseler Platz where the locals meet up for «Kölsch» (beer) after work. For shopping: Ehrenstraße. More bars and restaurants: Aachener Straße. We love that! Another thing to love about Cologne, they have killer prices on food and drinks. Not the kind that kills your wallet, but the other killer kind of prices, the right kind of killer kind of prices.


Cologne also has a huge bridge right behind the cathedral, so why don’t you bring your loved one.



Get your Cologne groove on with this Spotify playlist. If you have ever visited Cologne or know of other cities you think I should go to, please leave a comment or DM me on Instagram @christophermhusby.