Best summer in years


Want me to tell you a fun fact? Well, it’s not really that fun, but at least it’s a fact. Norwegian summers are really unreliable, it could give you wind, wind, wind and gray weather, but you can also be really lucky! This summer is the best Norwegian summer in years. Let me put it this way; 30 °C some places. Now it’s definitely the time to stay home, for us Norwegians at least.


I want to provide you with my vacation recommendation for Norway. If you’re visiting Norway either as a foreign tourist or as a tourist in your own country, of course the fjords and our capital Oslo are great choices. Still, my belief is that these map points are must see places though, and not necessarily the nicest summer places to visit. Instead let’s do the Norwegian summer cities this year. Don’t forget our beautiful coastline.


That’s summer bliss.

AtSix Drinks

Shirt: COS / Sunglasses: RayBan


As the bartenders at the At Six Cocktail Bar said: We promise, you’re in for a treat. Here, in the At Six Cocktail Bar you’ll find signature cocktails breaking new grounds!


Vodka together with peach and citrus, served with honey and an orange ower nish.


Photo: AtSix


Isanami Tea
Grape spirit infused with lime, then mixed and lengthened as a Japanese lime iced tea.


Photo AtSix


At Six Fashion
Swedish whisky combined with AtSix black tea and infused with orange.


Photo: AtSix


Rum and Pimm’s combined with a touch of lime and served with a pink grapefruit foam.


Photo: AtSix


I guess you could try making these at home, now that you know the key ingredients, but I promise, you should take the trip and enjoy these drink experiences. You’ll have a blast! The signature cocktails also makes a game of pool more fun!

There’s a new playground in town

Hotel At Six
Brunkebergstorg 6, 111 51 Stockholm

I brought my little brother along to Stockholm to get some inspiration and also to check out the new Hotel At Six. What a hotel! Scandinavian style all the way and when I say style I mean down to the smallest details. Pure perfection. No, this was (unfortunately) not a paid trip, some might wonder.


When you walk into the reception area you’re immediately faced with a massive head, a two meeter tall sculpture, it sets the tone for the rest of the hotel, nothing is left to chance. Everything from the door handles, chairs in the dining area and the open kitchen facing the restaurant guests.


I have to admit I was a bit disappointed about the fact that they didn’t have a pool. No big deal you say? I have a thing for floating around in a large pool by my self. Nothing is more calming. Well, “nothing” is a bit much, but at least there’s not many things that trumps an hour of pool floating. (I’m warming up to the idea of laughing emojis now.) At least they have an impeccable gym. Truly awesome! Big, and it has everything you need. Take my word for it!



On the second floor, take the stair and walk to the left, you’ll fint the Cocktail Bar. Lets talk about details again. The bartenders are both experienced and welcoming. That alone will make you have a cocktail or five. And if not, make sure to stand in line for the pool table. My brother and I played for three hours straight. To the other guests, I apologize. When you looked away we prepared a new game real fast. It was simply too much fun!


I will have another post up soon with my favorite drinks from the Cocktail Bar. Heaven!



My favorite hotels in Stockholm has always been either Lydmar or Nobis, even though I would pick Lydmar over Nobis. I guess I have three favorite homes away from home now.



Got some new basics

It was about time to get some new basics in my closet. Believe it or not – I’m not really a big shopper. You’ll usually find me at the dad parking spot in the stores. But online shopping, thats a different story! I did some shopping at Nelly Man but also had to return a bunch of stuff. I guess you never know what something is going to look like until you get it delivered home.


The exiting part; I’m waiting for two more packages!




3-STRIPES TEE Adidas Originals


Pants: PIQUE JOGGERS River Island
Jeans jacket: Tiger of Sweden
T-shirt: SHHBRET SS O-NECK TEE NOOS Selected Homme




Loving Cologne

In front of the epic Cologne Cathedral. Caps / Varsity Backpack / Gucci Hoodie / Holzweiler


At least a couple of times a year I visit my cousin Martine, she now lives in Cologne, Germany. Somehow the weather Gods always gives me a tap on the shoulder and says «Christopher, enjoy the great weather in Cologne.» Just kidding! But not really.


Cologne has some great things to offer but it always helps having someone by your side in new cities. Previously I have stayed at Pullman Cologne. This time my choice landed on the Steigenberger Hotel. Pullman was a great hotel, but do yourself a favor and call the hotel in advance, explaining how important aircondition is for you. No wonder we had to change rooms a couple of times. When traveling I am usually extremely easy going, but AC is a must.


Both Steigenberger and Pullman are great hotels. The breakfast is nice, rooms are neat, staff is super nice. For me, what eventually leads to Pullman being the winner is the spa area, it’s not the Four Seasons, but at least it is a spa, and I love relaxation areas. And actually it was quite nice, with a outdoor area as well as indoors. No swimming pool though. Pullman also has a small gym where you can find some equipments such as small weights, treadmills and more. This is golden when you spend multiple days eating, eating, eating and drinking rosé. Congrats Chris for that cliché. Well, what better to do when you travel, shopping maybe?


Wait a minute, before you go shopping, please visit the Cologne Cathedral, and please go inside. It’s quite epic!


Now, lets talk some shopping. Cologne as any other European city has a lot to offer, you just have to look for the right places. Cosmetics, clothes, manicure spas, Cologne has it all. Scroll down and I’ll tell you more.



Amongst many places you have Belgisches Viertel, a small area with shops, boutiques and restaurants. Remember, Pullman has treadmills, dont’t worry.


You also have a larger area called Brüsseler Platz where the locals meet up for «Kölsch» (beer) after work. For shopping: Ehrenstraße. More bars and restaurants: Aachener Straße. We love that! Another thing to love about Cologne, they have killer prices on food and drinks. Not the kind that kills your wallet, but the other killer kind of prices, the right kind of killer kind of prices.


Cologne also has a huge bridge right behind the cathedral, so why don’t you bring your loved one.



Get your Cologne groove on with this Spotify playlist. If you have ever visited Cologne or know of other cities you think I should go to, please leave a comment or DM me on Instagram @christophermhusby.

Summer doesn’t get much better: Aperol Sprits

Photo: Christopher. Most of my photos are, so no stealing.


Every summer we are bombarded with Instagram friendly drinks and foods. No, everyday! (Laughing emoji. Using an actual emoji would mess up my text flow. Maybe next time.)


I guess the Aperol Spritz has been around for quite som time now, a really long time, since the 1950s. Did you know? I didn’t. Wikipedia knew though. Anyway, this year it’s everywhere! So, to keep the summer going, scroll a line or two.


You would want to serve this summer delight on the rocks, just pore the ingredients through added ice. This one is soo easy to make. You have your glass with ice, add 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and top up with soda water. A slice of orange makes the drink. Tanning isn’t that boring anymore.


Please DM me some drinks I should try before the snow comes! @christophermhusby

New York, New York


I wanted to summarize my New York trip in photos. New York is an awesome place, just don’t travel during the burning hot summer, in other words July is not the best month to go to New York, the concrete jungle, it gets hot.

I’ve been to New York many times before but this time we decided to stay at The James Hotel in SoHo. At first I found 11 Howard, a stylish hotel with a Scandinavian flare and style. It will definitely be 11 Howard next time. Anyway, The James was great, and they have a gym! I love that! The only thing I love more than the ability to have a gym in-house is having a roof top pool. With that being said, don’t get tattoos day two. Enough said.

NY is filled with special places and visiting all of New York is nearly impossible, especially in seven days. Here is my little New York guide.


The James SoHo New York

The James has built it’s own environment, almost like a little jungle around the hotel. A lot to see and great photo op’s. I would definitely recommend The James SoHo.



Photo: The James

Photo: The James


Egg Shop, SoHo

There are so many breakfast places to visit. If you weren’t really hungry waking up, some of these places will get you hungry fast! Egg Shop have many different egg dishes, not surprisingly, among other things. My favorite breakfast is for sure toast with avocado and eggs.



New and blonder me, more fun?

As I’m writing this post, my first post on my new blog, I’m actually back to my natural hair color again. Change happens fast. Status, still blond, just not that blonde.



I guess everyone goes through stages where you feel like you want to reinvent yourself or stages of needing something new. Let me put it this way, super blonde is definitely more fun until you find excuses as to why it’s better to be your original self.


This is not a deep blog post about how my blonde or super blonde hair changed my life. It didn’t. (Is it allowed with a lol emoji? I’ll try to resist using emojis. OCD.) Haha. (Okay, haha didn’t quite do it as well as emojis does.)


My life the past years have been either stuck in an office, or at home stuck in my home office, or at work, stuck with all the mess from my office in a large bag. That’s not a bad thing, and I’m actually super lucky with a lot of things happening every day and at the end of the day, I do what I love. Sometimes, it’s just a lot and you need some variation. So then this blog thing happened again. You see, I used to blog a lot, about everything and nothing. Now I’m sure a LOL is in order. Why did I stop blogging? The large bag with all the mess from my home office got in the way.


I have decided one thing. I can do it all! I love this creative platform that is your own. A place where I can share a bit more than on Instagram. A place where I can be even more creative on my own terms, creating stories, videos and try to inspire others.


This new place of mine is a site where I will share my travels, not so much every day life but more my favorite shopping spots, life hacks, and favorite places.


I promise I’ll keep it up this time! Are you in?