Lookbook: When the clouds come


As I said in my previous post; this summer is so good! But when the clouds cover the sun you should have something not to warm, but still cool and casual, to wear. If you go with a casual jeans jacket with arms folded up, it’s so easy to remove when the sun peaks through the clouds. Anyway, it isn’t really 30 °C all over the world so why not do the jeans jacket, it might come in handy.



Jeans jacket: Tiger of Sweden

T-shirt: Basic black Balmain t-shirt



One tip is also to fold up your jeans to give your ankles some air. I didn’t do it today because it was actually quite windy. Folding up your jeans in the summer time also gives your outfit that extra casual edge.


Jeans: Black jeans from Samsøe & Samsøe. They are a bit stretchy and so comfortable!

Shoes: Y-3 Kusari Suede-Trimmed Primeknit Sneakers