New York, New York


I wanted to summarize my New York trip in photos. New York is an awesome place, just don’t travel during the burning hot summer, in other words July is not the best month to go to New York, the concrete jungle, it gets hot.

I’ve been to New York many times before but this time we decided to stay at The James Hotel in SoHo. At first I found 11 Howard, a stylish hotel with a Scandinavian flare and style. It will definitely be 11 Howard next time. Anyway, The James was great, and they have a gym! I love that! The only thing I love more than the ability to have a gym in-house is having a roof top pool. With that being said, don’t get tattoos day two. Enough said.

NY is filled with special places and visiting all of New York is nearly impossible, especially in seven days. Here is my little New York guide.


The James SoHo New York

The James has built it’s own environment, almost like a little jungle around the hotel. A lot to see and great photo op’s. I would definitely recommend The James SoHo.



Photo: The James

Photo: The James


Egg Shop, SoHo

There are so many breakfast places to visit. If you weren’t really hungry waking up, some of these places will get you hungry fast! Egg Shop have many different egg dishes, not surprisingly, among other things. My favorite breakfast is for sure toast with avocado and eggs.