There’s a new playground in town

Hotel At Six
Brunkebergstorg 6, 111 51 Stockholm

I brought my little brother along to Stockholm to get some inspiration and also to check out the new Hotel At Six. What a hotel! Scandinavian style all the way and when I say style I mean down to the smallest details. Pure perfection. No, this was (unfortunately) not a paid trip, some might wonder.


When you walk into the reception area you’re immediately faced with a massive head, a two meeter tall sculpture, it sets the tone for the rest of the hotel, nothing is left to chance. Everything from the door handles, chairs in the dining area and the open kitchen facing the restaurant guests.


I have to admit I was a bit disappointed about the fact that they didn’t have a pool. No big deal you say? I have a thing for floating around in a large pool by my self. Nothing is more calming. Well, “nothing” is a bit much, but at least there’s not many things that trumps an hour of pool floating. (I’m warming up to the idea of laughing emojis now.) At least they have an impeccable gym. Truly awesome! Big, and it has everything you need. Take my word for it!



On the second floor, take the stair and walk to the left, you’ll fint the Cocktail Bar. Lets talk about details again. The bartenders are both experienced and welcoming. That alone will make you have a cocktail or five. And if not, make sure to stand in line for the pool table. My brother and I played for three hours straight. To the other guests, I apologize. When you looked away we prepared a new game real fast. It was simply too much fun!


I will have another post up soon with my favorite drinks from the Cocktail Bar. Heaven!



My favorite hotels in Stockholm has always been either Lydmar or Nobis, even though I would pick Lydmar over Nobis. I guess I have three favorite homes away from home now.