When you’re hungry (or hangry even) in Stockholm


Stockholm is an amazing place for food, drinks, and great company! By now there’s no secret that Stockholm is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s only an hour from Norway (by airplane) but still so different in many ways. This city is just really easy to visit!


Here are some of my favorite places to eat.


Hotel Diplomat
Strandvägen 7C, 114 56 Stockholm

This is, first of all, a hotel, but second, it’s a great restaurant. There is a small outside area along the sidewalk where you can eat to get some sun at the same time. I can only recommend the outside if you don’t mind that it gets really hot, in the summertime though. Don’t forget sunscreen. Inside there’s a beautiful atmosphere and the food is equally as great.


Please look up the Skansen sandwich on the menu, I know a lot of people love that! My favorite is the shrimp salad with eggs and avocado, that’s the best!



Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 103 24 Stockholm

Lydmar has been my go-to hotel in Stockholm for many, many years and still is. They have the best cheeseburger which is not this, you know, flat looking burger, but a real burger. You should also try the tuna tartar. Some days I used to have it multiple times a day. I know. But it’s that good!


Photo: Lydmar Hotel. All other photos in this post is by


At Six
Brunkebergstorg 6, 111 51 Stockholm

The restaurant at the At Six Hotel knows their food and the chefs are some of the best. We all have different experiences but mine was top notch. The waiters explained everything in details and really knew what they were serving. That’s not always the case, unfortunately. It’s hard to describe the food but I would definitely give it a try. I can say this; the food has flavor and a lot of it!