Take control over your Instagram feed

Hi guys! Sorry, I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, I’ve been drowning in work and my schedule suddenly just blew up. But I’m back now!


Let’s get deep for a minute. We are all living in an Instagram world, like it or not. I think the world of social media, specifically Instagram comes with a lot of good and a lot of bad things. We all know all the good stuff, but when it comes to the bad we tend to skip that part. We have both the pressure to keep up and to be perfect. Instagram is here for us to show of our world as we want people to see it. We rarely share the bad and the ugly and instead, we share the glory our lives have to offer. I think that life is 50% awesome and 50% just ordinary days. However, on social media, we easily make it out to be 100% of perfect days, food, drinks, and great skin.


But enough about that. I wanted to share with you guys, regardless of what you’re posting about, how to build the perfect feed. There goes «perfect» again. «Perfect» has many faces. What I’m talking about now is how to maybe make things a little bit easier for you guys, and also make it possible to visualize how your feed is going to look.



I love productivity and apps that make my life just a tiny bit easier. None of us need more stress in our lives – and especially not from social media.


The UMUM app is awesome, I love it! I use it a lot for work, to both schedule and plan our Instagram posts. It helps me choose the right pictures for our feed, and it gives me a visual overview that helps me when shooting pictures to ensure location, lighting and colors are perfect!


Click the picture to download the app. This post is not sponsored, I just love the app!