AtSix Drinks

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As the bartenders at the At Six Cocktail Bar said: We promise, you’re in for a treat. Here, in the At Six Cocktail Bar you’ll find signature cocktails breaking new grounds!


Vodka together with peach and citrus, served with honey and an orange ower nish.


Photo: AtSix


Isanami Tea
Grape spirit infused with lime, then mixed and lengthened as a Japanese lime iced tea.


Photo AtSix


At Six Fashion
Swedish whisky combined with AtSix black tea and infused with orange.


Photo: AtSix


Rum and Pimm’s combined with a touch of lime and served with a pink grapefruit foam.


Photo: AtSix


I guess you could try making these at home, now that you know the key ingredients, but I promise, you should take the trip and enjoy these drink experiences. You’ll have a blast! The signature cocktails also makes a game of pool more fun!