Stay camera ready throughout the day


So guys! How shiny are you? The good, the bad the ugly truth is that it’s getting more and more «important» to stay camera ready – Instagram ready. Everyone has a camera and its constantly in your face. Us guys, we pretend to not care, I’ll emphasize on pretend.


The cosmetics industry often refers to having a «matte and natural look.» Well, being completely matte is not really that natural. We do have oils that both protect and keep our skin looking fresh and glowing. Some more than others. We’re going to tap in on that right now.


Some of us are more oily or sweaty, like me actually, and there are a few things you can do to feel fresher throughout the day. I’m here to help!


This is where you would commonly get the tip to use a mattifying moisturizer. I’m going to a different approach to this matter. If you constantly do things to your skin to keep it super matte it will mostly freak out and produce even more oils. Only a small part of your routine should be mattifying, not your entire morning process.



1. My tip is to start your morning using a really good facial cleanser, not too harsh though, you don’t want to irritate it! Your skin will love you for it and it gets you off to a really good start of the day.


2. Exfoliate. Remove dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin. Do this twice a week! You will feel really fresh after!


3. After cleaning your face you could then use a mattifying toner or lotion. This will help a lot! So, mattifying lotions or oil control pads will help you out. Be careful to not overdo this step.


4. This is where the moisturizer comes in. What you want to do is use a good moisturizer that really hydrates your skin.


5. If you need more power you can go in with one of my favorite products! The Mac Prep + Prime Skin refined zone treatment. Apply this cream on your t-zone or other shiny areas after. This one will keep you matte, but remember, only use it in the right areas. You would want to keep your skin looking healthy and keep its natural glow!


I hope this was helpful for you guys. Please leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram if you have tips of your own or if there is something you would like me to feature on my blog.