Who doesn’t wanna be Fucking Fabulous?


This one is for both guys and girls. Perfumes are personal. Not everyone like everything and sometimes you can even really hate the scent that someone walking by you are wearing. «Hate» is a strong word, but what’s fun about being in the world of millennials if you cant be little dramatic once in a while.


I wanted to share my favorite perfume right now. Nothing less than Tom Ford’s most talked about perfume at the moment, Fucking Fabulous. Now, this can go both ways. You might really love it – or hate it. I got mine months ago but I haven’t been wearing it full force until now.


The top notes are bitter almond oil, tonka beans, orris root, leather and sage oil.


I do think it is the same thing with perfumes as it is with a new shirt or a new haircut, or a fresh shave. It provides you with confidence. It gives you the power to own a room. The power to stand out. That is if you love your perfume, fragrance or cologne of course. But – at the end of the day. Who doesn’t wanna be Fucking Fabulous?