Summer doesn’t get much better: Aperol Sprits

Photo: Christopher. Most of my photos are, so no stealing.


Every summer we are bombarded with Instagram friendly drinks and foods. No, everyday! (Laughing emoji. Using an actual emoji would mess up my text flow. Maybe next time.)


I guess the Aperol Spritz has been around for quite som time now, a really long time, since the 1950s. Did you know? I didn’t. Wikipedia knew though. Anyway, this year it’s everywhere! So, to keep the summer going, scroll a line or two.


You would want to serve this summer delight on the rocks, just pore the ingredients through added ice. This one is soo easy to make. You have your glass with ice, add 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and top up with soda water. A slice of orange makes the drink. Tanning isn’t that boring anymore.


Please DM me some drinks I should try before the snow comes! @christophermhusby